Smart Response XE Mods

This is a non-official website for publishing modifications about this nice little old paging system.

What is this website for ?

We have a high interest in an old discontinued paging systel called Smart Response XE which was used in schools. It is small, sexy, with a great keyboard, and has an easy to hack hardware making it programmable with Arduino IDE. We think this website would be a nice place to talk about this device. It would be cool to publish technical documentation, photos and articles dealing with modifications. The idea is to let people share in an opensource philosophy. We hope you have a lot of fun visiting this contents of this area.

Hardware Mods

Read our collection of hardware analysis, circuits PCB descriptions, articles dealing about improvments or technical modifications, schematic diagrams and so on...

Software Mods

Here, there is a collection of articles talking about software dev on the ATMEL microcontroller or on anyother customized PCB for the Smart Response XE.

SmartRXE Forum

Well this section sounds obvious. We wanted to ioen a forum for people to gather and exhanche their findings, ideas, projects. Also to publish new projects in progress and sell 2nd hand equipement or PCBs

Latest News on this website !

Get the latest publications and fresh articles which have just been posted by the community of users. Do not hesitate to create an accound on this platform and be an active writer. The more we are, the best it is.